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Camille Barton is an interdisciplinary artist, writer, facilitator, coach and somatic movement practitioner, working on the intersections of wellness, arts, drug policy and social change.


Camille is the director of the Collective Liberation Project, and creator of the Embodied Solidarity Method, a trauma informed approach to diversity, inclusion and decolonisation work that centres the body and lived experience. 

Camille’s art practice involves dance, improvisation, ritual and Afrofuturism to weave new realities fusing pleasure and visions of utopia. They serve ritual bass music as DJ AfroOankali and host a regular dance ritual called WERK at Karada House, Berlin. 


Camille teaches Afro Flow, a class fusing movement forms from the African Diaspora, somatics and improvisation. They also developed embodied movement for social change, a workshop series exploring how different forms of oppression are rooted in the body and how mindful movement may help us to re-pattern the impact of oppression on our lives.