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Camille Barton is a movement artist who brings their passion for social change to life through a variety of art mediums, including dance, film and clowning.

Camille began dancing at three years old and has trained in a variety of dance forms including Ballet, Hip Hop, Salsa, Belly Dance, Axis Syllabus and West African Dance. As a result, they have developed a fusion style that draws upon many influences. Whilst living in California, Camille discovered their inner clown and began to fuse dance with clowning to explore and subvert aspects of their identity. Improvisation is a key part of Camille's dance practise and they use this to connect to stories and themes rooted within the African diaspora, which has thrived using improvisation as a tool of celebration and survival.

Camille is currently developing a workshop series called embodied movement for social change which uses somatic social justice research and dance to explore how trauma from racism and sexism, can be uprooted from the body.

In June 2018, Camille's film Space is the Place was shown at Sheffield Doc Fest and in August she curated The SanQtuary, an intersectional safe space for the LGBTQIA+ community at Shambala Festival.