Camille Sapara Barton (they / them) is an artist and educator who explores creative interventions that sustain life.


Rooted in Black Feminism, ecology and harm reduction, they use creativity as a means to grow the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.


Embodiment, healing justice and drug policy are key threads within Camille’s work. They are certified in the Resilience Toolkit - a framework to manage stress and increase resilience in individuals as well as communities. 


From 2015 - 2020, Camille led the Collective Liberation Project, providing workshops and training on embodied approaches to anti-racism. In 2022, they launched the GEN Grief Toolkit, a collection of embodied practices to support grief work within community.

Camille is currently the head of Ecologies of Transformation, a temporary masters programme at Sandberg Institute, which researches how art making and embodiment can create social change.

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