Camille Barton is an artist, coach and somatic movement practitioner, working on the intersections of wellness, drug policy, utopia

 and social change. Camille is the director of the Collective Liberation Project, and the creator of a trauma informed approach to diversity and decolonization work that centres the body and lived experience. This work is underpinned by ongoing research into somatics and social justice. 


Camille offers movement sessions called Embodied Social Change, that fuse somatics, dance and partner work to explore how oppression, such as racism and sexism, is rooted in the body; and how we can shift it’s hold on our lives using mindful attention and movement.


Camille works closely with Release in the UK on drug policy reform and they sit on the advisory council for the MAPS Public Benefit Corporation, ensuring that MDMA Psychotherapy will be accessible to communities of colour. Camille has written for Vice, Talking Drugs and Double Blind on drug policy & racial justice.

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