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Camille began dancing at three years old and has studied a variety of dance forms including Ballet, Hip Hop, Salsa, Belly Dance, Axis Syllabus and West African Dance. They have trained at Ecole Des Sables in Senegal on the Dance Afrique programme, led by Alessandra Seutin, as well as Afro-Brazilian dance (Silvestre Technique), with Roseangela Silvestre, in Brazil.

As a result, Camille has developed a fusion style that draws upon many influences. Whilst living in California, Camille discovered their inner clown and began to fuse dance with clowning to explore and subvert aspects of their identity. Improvisation is a key part of Camille's dance practice and they use this to connect to stories and themes rooted within the African diaspora, which has thrived using improvisation as a tool of celebration and survival.

Camille has performed at venues including Tate Britain, London South Bank Centre and Soho House Berlin. 

Camille teaches Afro Flow, a class fusing movement forms from the African Diaspora, somatics and improvisation.

Twice a month, they host WERK a movement ritual at Karada House, Berlin

They also developed embodied movement for change, a workshop series exploring how different forms of oppression are rooted in the body and how mindful movement may help us to repattern the impact of oppression on our lives.