Camille has strong expertise in drug policy & harm reduction, particularly in the area of anti racist practice, equity and access within Psychedelic Research. 

They work closely with Release in the UK on drug policy reform and they sit on the advisory council for the MAPS Public Benefit Corporation, ensuring that MDMA Psychotherapy will be accessible to people of colour and other communities historically marginalised, and disproportionately impacted by the war on drugs.


In 2018, Camille co-produced RE:GENERATE, an arts festival on drug policy, racial justice and liberation. In 2019, they were invited to project manage, co-design and facilitate at the MAPS hosted, Psychedelic Medicines & Cultural Trauma workshop in Kentucky. This event was a precursor to the first MDMA Psychotherapy training for therapists of colour.  

In 2020, Camille chaired a talk at Somerset House on Psilocybin & Altered States of Consciousness featuring Robin Carhart Harris, Darren Springer and Mike Jay. 

Camille has written for Vice, Talking Drugs, The MAPS Bulletin and Double Blind on drug policy & racial justice. Camille has spoken on these issues at conferences including Psychedelic Science (2017), The International Drug Policy Reform Conference (2017 & 2019), and Harm Reduction International (2019). 

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