AfroOankali serves ritual bass: a hypnotic blend of low end frequencies and polyrhythms which celebrates the Afro-Caribbean influence in electronic music.

AfroOankali & Sarah Farina are the creative directors and bookers of Emergent Bass, an event series that celebrates the Afro Diaspora influence in electronic music and seeds care practices within club culture. The events give a platform to Black and POC artists who honour bass music and its origins.

AfroOankali is London born, living in Amsterdam.


.:: Upcoming gigs 2022 ::.

April 16th - Dgtl Festival, Amsterdam
July 2nd - Querfeld @ Fusion Festival, Germany

July 15th - Refuge Worldwide, Oona
July 17th - Emergent Bass, Mensch Meier, Berlin

Available for Berlin gigs:  July 14th - 20th 2022

Available for London gigs: June 12th - 22nd 2022