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Space is the place (2017)

In the year 2060, inhabitants of a distant planet called Afrenti develop
the technology to revisit and experience the memories of their African
diasporic ancestors on Earth. AfroOankali, a citizen of Afrenti, decides to
enter a simulation to reconnect with and understand her ancestor Camille,
who lived on Earth while it was still inhabitable.

Space in the place is a 3 minute, Science Fiction dance film written, starring and directed by Camille Barton. It was commissioned by Calling the Shots and Random Acts, in association with Chanel 4. It was produced by Michael Jenkins of 8th Sense Media. The film previewed at Sheffield Doc Fest in June 2018.

Camille was inspired by their love of Sci-Fi, Afrofuturism and musings on the ability of technology to connect, rather than disconnect us from other beings. 

The film was released on 21st September 2018.